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Welcome to our services section, take a look at the list of services we provide and make sure to get in touch with us in case we spark an interest in our offer. Please note that most of the presented products are not the only products we provide. These are just merely an example on the nature of the most popular products in different fields. We can of course create completely new system that fits your description if we are presented with proper functionality of what needs to be developed.

Software Development

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From University to elementary schools

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Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacies

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Booking systems

Smart of managing your customers

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More than receivable and payable accounts

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Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

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Organize and track your properties

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Web Development

Try our new web application (developed in Amharic) Try it

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Take your brand to the world

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Web Apps

Transform your working methdology

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Centralized operation

Access your business from anywhere

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More Services

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Machine Intelligence

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Bar Code Control

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Automatic Doors

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Access Control

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Queue management system

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Home Automation

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What We Are Made Of

Hard Work

Through years of experiance in the biggest companies across Europe, like IBM, Nokia, TATA and ThyssenKrupp the work ethic and dedication of HAHU is unquestionable! With a vision of such magnitude it is a neccessity for us to be sharp and committed 24/7 all year round.


Our clients are everything to us because you see what we invision, understands what kind of nation we want to create and puts a trust in us. Just for that you will be treated with Love!


Our ambition is not a dream, our ambition is a vision! We will create a technology based working methodologies in Ethiopia with smart and civilized work ethic, making the country one of the most powerful nation in Africa as well as in the world.


We are group of engineering graduates from Europe's best technical university as well as home grown universities, with specialized training in Compuer Engineering, Elecronics and related fieds in Masters and Bachelor level.