Dynamic tools that simplifies your tidious and manual work, Increase your productivity and profite by using a custom made software specific to your business.

Web Application

Control your business's movement and process from anywhere in the world through a web application that allows you connect with your customers all over the world.

Machine Learning

Different artificial intelligence applications for customers who has records information of their business activities so that they can have a powerful prediction on what they can do to improve productivity.


Integrate electronics and software to create automatic instruments that minimizes manual work and performs some task with minimal monitoring

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Software Development

Any business that have a personal computer can benefit from having a custom made software that helps the business grow by increasing efficiency and minimizing possible mistakes that could happen when facing a certain problem. Softwares keeps your business organized and gives you an overview of how the company is performing, in which section it is under performing and on which section you should increase your work force on to create a successful business.
Depending on the size and Infrastructure of your business we will create a centralized system that brings every aspect of your company to one place, without the limitations of branch offices in different cities or multiple users of the same program.

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Web Application Development

Arguably the most powerful tool to have in this age of technology. Web applications provide a way of accessing your business when ever and where ever you are by using smart phones or any computer that is connected to the internet. A well established web application in the cloud (in the internet ) provides an easy way of communication, monitoring and performing different activities while everyone involved is up to date with changes that has been made. We have experience deploying new web sites and web applications with big cloud platforms like Amazon web services and Goodle could

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Artificial Intelligence

Business oriented machine intelligence could have an astonishing result in the growth of a company if the the company has a recorded information and outcomes of business activities in the past. The goal is a smart way of making decisions using information that comes from a calculated prediction of computers.
Some examples of machine learning models we can deliver includes image recognition, revenue analysis, stock market predictions, natural language processing, and more

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Using electronics architecture it is possible to make a software perform a physical task, through this we are creating smart instruments and tools that are able to help in making daily activities smooth and simple. Many of physical tasks that we do in our work can be assisted by motors, and we focus on developing cheap and accessible tools that can be used in everyday life.
Home automation is one area where our products thrive on, we develop and install smart housing systems.
Small-medium sized manufacturing companies can benefit from cheap products we design and produce to minimize error and manual work while increasing precision and time efficiency.

About the founder

Yared Yaregal

Computer Engineer (MSc)

"... I love creating and designing new things that makes daily job of others interesting and enjoyable through well engineered technological tools."

"... Revolutionizing Ethiopia in technological front is my vision, and I'm committed to play my role in any way possible to see my vision transform a nation."

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What We Are Made Of

Hard Work

Through years of experience in the biggest companies across Europe, like IBM, Nokia, TATA and ThyssenKrupp the work ethic and dedication of HAHU is unquestionable! With a vision of such magnitude it is a necessity for us to be sharp and committed 24/7 all year round.


Our clients are everything to us because you see what we envision, understands what stand for, what we want to create and puts a trust in us. Just for that you will be treated with Love!


Our ambition is not a dream, our ambition is a vision! We will create a technology based working methodologies in Ethiopia with smart and civilized work ethic, making the country one of the most powerful nation in Africa as well as in the world.


We are group of engineers graduated from Europe's best technical university as well as home grown universities, with specialized training in Computer Engineering, Electronics and related fields in Masters and Bachelor level.