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Through the latest cutting edge technologies and resources hahu will provide you all the current technological solutions and tools you need to increase your business's productivity and success.

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Software Development

Softwares keeps your business organized and gives you an overview of how the company is performing, in which section it is under performing and on which section you should increase your work force on to create a successful business. Depending on the size and Infrastructure of your business we will create a centralized system that brings every aspect of your company to one place, without the limitations of branch offices in different cities or multiple users of the same program.
web application

Web Application Development

Web applications provide a way of accessing your business when ever and where ever you are by using smart phones or any computer that is connected to the internet. A well established web application in the cloud (in the internet ) provides an easy way of communication, monitoring and performing different activities while everyone involved is up to date with changes that has been made.

Mobile App Development

Currently we have a set of applications for different industries, some of the core functionalites are:
  • real-time communication, sms message, instant messaging
  • very attractive and futurstic design
  • works off-line even though most operations requires internet
  • e-commerce, manage stores, payments, account types and many more
  • example: new app for hotel guest service: Mobile web-app

Artificial Intelligence

Business oriented machine intelligence could have an astonishing result in the growth of a company if the the company has a recorded information and outcomes of business activities in the past. The goal is a smart way of making decisions using information that comes from a calculated prediction of computers. Some examples of machine learning models we can deliver includes image recognition, revenue analysis, stock market predictions, natural language processing, and more


Home automation is one area where we develop and install smart housing systems. Small-medium sized manufacturing companies can benefit from cheap product and affordable products that we provide which minimizes error and manual work while increasing precision and time efficiency.

About the founder

Yared Yaregal

Computer Engineer (MSc)

"We are here to deliver solutions, to design, to create and to transform your ideas to the next level, more importantly we are here to play our part on technologically transforming our world in service of humanity."
"Revolutionizing Ethiopia in technological front is our vision, and I'm committed to make sure we play our role in any way possible to see this vision transform a nation."