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ሀሁ ኮምፒውተር ኢንጂነሪንግ

Transforming Lives and Environment with Technology

State of the art Technology in Hybrid with Mechatronics to deliver advanced solutions.

More on what we do..

Software Development

The need for software is far from its peak and we aim to be a part of the journey in taking the development process to the next level by focusing on Health-Care, Environmental Applications and Mechatronical Systems.
  • Mobile & Desktop Applications
  • Tailored Machine Learning Models / Algorithms
  • Firmware for Micro Processors & Micro Controllers
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Mechatronical Devices

The availability of Micro Processors & Micro Controllers allowed us to design and created multiple prototypes and small devices. Developing Mechatronical Devices is one of our main areas we are working on to deliver products that meets the strict safety and quality of primarily the EU market, which will hopefully meet with the requirements of Ethiopia and other countries.
  • Medical Devices
  • Agri-Tech solutions
  • Mechanical Manipulators

Renewable Energy

One of the exciting part of technology is that it is allowing us to simplify the utilization renewable energy sources. However there is a short in maximizing the efficiency and integration of these invaluable tool to our daily lives. We hope to address this problem with proper power supply grid layout and smart management system focusing on the two most commonly available renewable energy sources:
  • Photovoltaic Cell Grid (Solar Panels)
  • Biogas reactors, Cooking and Heating appliances
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Home Automation

In an effort to make our daily lives much more intersting, simple and secure. We've committed ourselves to deliver smart solutions in Home Automation and IoT.
  • Surveillance System
  • Security and Access Control
  • Semi-Robotic Home Appliances

Ready for the cause

The 2020 corona virus pandemic has shown us how our world can be easily affected by problems which threat our entire existence, and we will always be on alert to come up with solutions that helps in the prevention or treatment crisis.
Regarding AI / Machine Learning integrated products we develop we will always work hard to make our lives easier and to spark initiation in the developing countries to use tech in betterment of human civilization.