Hi there, I'm Yared welcome to my journey

  • 2018

    To the Next Level

    Growth in understanding navigating through computers and engineering as well as experiance on and off proffesional work place. Started to work at Nokia and Application Development Engineer. Created Machine learning program for medical imaging, developed many software, developed webpages (including this one) and still going...

  • 2017

    The most active year

    I embarked on getting my hands dirty in embedded systems, started to develop websites, software and began a foundation for HAHU. I started working in ThyssenKrupp and TATA, as software developer and IT Support respectivly

  • Dec 2013

    IBM Hungary

    I have started my first professional career at IBM as a student soon to be promoted to super user, the role adjustment specialist was probably the first interesting encounter with the real power of computers and what is underlying under the company's system.

  • Sept 2017

    Computer Engineering

    I Started my MSc, This is the best part of my whole educational career and a turning point for me to invest myself in computer engineering. I developed a passion for creating and engineering smart systems.

  • Feb 2017

    Mechatronics Engineering

    I graduated in BSc, I had the chance to learn and experiment with Electrical and Electronical systems. I have designed circuit boards, manufactured PCB boards and I got my self exposed to robotics and the basic working principles of it.

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